Customization & Development

Streamline Your Operations

You’ve implemented Salesforce, but now you have some processes that could be automated for higher levels of productivity?
We can help you with:

Custom application development

  • Custom objects and fields
  • Visualforce pages with Apex controllers
  • Apex triggers
  • Apex schedulable batch jobs
  • Visualforce reusable components
  • Integration with 3rd party application web services
  • Integration with corporate web sites
  • Training of internal/staff developers


  • Daily Apex batch job to update records based on a field value
  • Apex batch job to generate and email with Excel report attachments
  • Apex trigger to notify owners of delegated task close
  • Custom pages/controllers to automate creation and update of records
  • Custom pages/controllers to call external applications RESTful APIs
  • Website forms to capture leads, applications, support cases

Installation/implementation of 3rd (AppExchange) applications: