Get a Fast Start, Be More Productive

Setting up and configuring Salesforce can be challenging for first-time users.
We can help you with:

Sales team implementation

  • Forecasting setup/configuration
  • Price Books setup/configuration
  • Contract and Quote approval workflows
  • Lead to Opportunity conversion setup/configuration
  • User training

Support team implementation

  • Case assignment/escalation setup/configuration
  • Asset setup/configuration
  • Knowledge setup/configuration
  • User training

Data migration

  • Import/export of legacy data
  • Transformation of data formats
  • Elimination of duplicates

Account provisioning

  • User profiles/roles
  • Configuration of sharing rules/permissions


  • Creation of complex custom reports/dashboards
  • Scheduled delivery by email

Automated generation of documents, presentations and reports

  • Conga (AppExchange) merge templates
  • Conga custom queries

Creation and integration of website forms

  • Web-to-Lead
  • Web-to-Case
  • FormAssembly Web-to-Custom objects

Email marketing

  • Integration with iContact (AppExchange)
  • Integration with Vertical Response (AppExchange)
  • Creation of campaigns, bulk import of contacts
  • Creation of email merge templates
  • Training of marketing staff to be self-sufficient

Customer/Partner Communities

  • Sharing Set (data access) configuration
  • and content creation
  • Integration with corporate web properties